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PC Repair & Troubleshooting:


Has your computer recently acting as if it was possessed? Shutting down windows you were using? Opening ones you didn't want to see? Has your internet browser become an overwhelming commercial attack? Your computer has probably become infected with one or more of the more annoying internet related problems like spyware, malware, and virus'. PS Computing Inc. can help you rid your computer of these annoying pop ups, glitches and brutal attacks.


PS Computing Inc. professionals have the experience needed to help repair / replace your hardware, reinstall software, back up important files, or if needed build a new custom computer suited to specific needs at very reasonable prices.


Domain Registration and hosting :


PS Computing Inc. will gladly do the research into registering and purchasing a domain name for our clients, and if needed, will host our clients web site for a reasonable cost.


PS Computing Inc. is in partnership with PB&F Communications located in Haliburton Ontario. PB&F Communications are a state of the art server company that promise 99% uptime. They can do this because PB&F have mirrored server locations, so that if one system is attacked with a virus, or has a power outage, another server will pick up the traffic, and allow for almost zero downtime.


PB&F Communications and PS Computing Inc. work together to provide our clients with the best service possible at a very reasonable price.


Web Site Development:


The Internet has become the bulletin board of the 21st Century, with this in mind, PS Computing Inc. can provide a full range of web development services to meet our customers' business requirements. These services include needs assessment, web development and deployment, domain name registration and web site maintenance. PS Computing Inc. professionals are familiar with a wide range of development tools, scripting languages and markup languages ensuring that we can deliver a site that will provide you with a strong internet presence. Additionally, PS Computing Inc. can provide freight company integration to your site. This is for businesses who use United Parcel Service (UPS) or other larger freight services to ship their products. This service allows your customers to locate or track their packages globally.



Custom Graphics, Scanning and Digital Photography:

PS Computing Inc. offers a number of graphic and imaging services ranging from the creation of corporate logos and custom web site buttons to the scanning of documents and images for web usage. PS Computing Inc. can also take high quality digital photographs for use on web sites, in brochures or elsewhere.


Application Development:


Is off the shelf software not providing the required functionality? PS Computing Inc. can develop custom software to meet your business requirements. PS Computing Inc. professionals have developed a number of custom software solutions and are familiar with a variety of programming languages and database packages. This allows us to provide you with a great deal of flexibility in terms of both development options and pricing.


If you have any questions regarding either the services that we provide or pricing, please feel free to contact us at by e-mail by clicking here or filling out the form on our contact page, and a PS Computing Inc. representative will quickly contact you. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.






Did you know?

Did you know that a high percentage of the "virus warning" e-mails that are forwarded among friends and colleagues are what is known as a "spoof" or "hoax"?


An easy way to find out if a "warning" is legitimate is to do a search from your favourite search engine. Simply enter some key words from the e-mail (i.e. Blue Mountain Virus)


Most times, (as in the case of the above example) you will find several listings showing that the warning was generated only to frighten or mislead users. The best course of action is to merely delete these hoax emails.


To properly defend against virus's, don't waste your time (or that of others) with circulating e-mail warnings. Simply run anti-virus software, keep it up to date, and never open executable files (.exe) sent in an e-mail.



Do you have any tips to share?

Do you have computing tips that you would like to share with us, and have published on our site? If so, please send them here. All tips posted on our site will be rewarded with a 15% discount certificate for any work done by PS Computing Inc.